The Healthy Hut Fitness Studio is dedicated to helping women men and children achieve their health and fitness goals through customized nutrition and fitness programs.

We currently offer one-on-one customized nutrition and fitness programs, group coaching classes and nutrition counseling which educate, motivate, and support men, women, and teens to improve their health and fitness.  Coaching programs for all clients includes:  nutrition counseling, exercise program design, nutritional supplements, bi-monthly fitness assessments and weekly training sessions here at the studio.

What  can I expect from The Healthy Hut Fitness Studio?

A Comprehensive Health & Fitness Program: You’ll receive coaching and training on our programs and truly learn not only how to get results but also how to maintain them AND you’ll have the flexibility to incorporate your likes and dislikes.

Your Progress Tracked & Recorded: In order to ensure your success in our programs, we’ll need to track weekly progress,  current successes and challenges, review your nutrition and exercise log worksheets and more on a weekly basis.  It is our job to hold you accountable to your health and fitness program to ensure the best results possible.

Fitness Evaluations: We will test for: body composition, bodyweight, girth measurements, blood pressure, heart rate and various strength and flexibility tests.  These tests give us a fair representation of your current health and a  baseline for future results testing.

Coached Through Your Program: We are responsible for weekly exercise sessions and keeping detailed weekly progress reports on the clients we work with.  If you  are having challenges throughout your program, we’ll coach and motivate you and make appropriate changes to ensure consistent progress.

Proper Exercise Instruction: This is a big one.  We will provide proper coaching, instruction, and motivation during your training session.  We will teach you about the human body (I.e. muscles, movements, functions, etc.) and explain why certain exercises/movements are important for your goals.

Provide Ongoing Health and Fitness Education: Our clients rely on us to service all of their health and fitness needs.  It is our job as a fitness coach to provide you with health and fitness education on various topics that will empower you to lead healthier lives forever.

How can a personal training program help me reach my goals?

One-on one training is a great way to get motivated and begin a fitness program you can follow for life!  Our programs begin with a comprehensive evaluation to assess your fitness needs and design a program to improve flexibility, and correct problems such as limited range of motion and muscular imbalances.

Private sessions are the best way to begin training.  They provide individual attention, in a safe environment, which help the beginner learn correct form and develop a basic program without injury.

Not only do we help design an exercise program for you, but we make it fun too!  Who wants to train if they don’t enjoy the exercises (or their trainer)?  We understand and can tailor a program with your likes and dislikes in mind.

How long are the sessions, and what I will be doing while I am there?

Our private sessions are 60 minutes in length and combine a strategic mix of strength, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning to meet the individual needs and goals of the client.  We will educate you for success and lead you on your path to independence.

For best results, clients are encouraged to exercise  2 to 3 times per week.  Aerobic Training (riding a bike, jogging, walking) is an important part of any fitness program.  If you require a trainer to help you with this we will include this in your workout.  Most clients prefer to do aerobic exercises independently and use the studio time on strength training.

What’s the best exercise for :_________(abs, inner thighs, back of the arms, etc.)?

There is no spot reducing. Muscle and fat are two separate things. By working your inner thighs with the adductor machine in the gym, you will be doing very little to “slim” your thighs. To get rid of the fat in any one area of your body, you must decrease your body fat all over your body.

Where you gain or lose body fat the most is pretty much genetically predetermined. If your mother and father gained weight primarily around their mid-sections, then you will too (if you do gain weight).

You would have more success “slimming” your inner thighs by taking the time that you spent doing three sets of 20 adductions on the machine, and use it to do some high-intensity intervals on the exercise bike. And of course sound nutrition is a must if you are trying to lose fat in a particular area.

Now, if you want a “best exercise” to strengthen or build a particular muscle, then specificity and variety should be your guide. If you start doing pull-ups now as the best exercise to strengthen.
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